Bellerophon is an electronic musical act by Mauricio Ossa that is based in Providence, RI. Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, Mauricio has traveled throughout South and North America developing his skills as a musician; from Patagonia to Montreal. He plays electric and upright bass, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboard, synths and other electronic music gear, while exploring the saxophone, trumpet, Latin percussion and South American Andean instruments.

With a desire to create something different yet authentic, Mauricio developed an alternative synth pop sound that’s completely different than alternative indie rock. Combining technology with true musicianship, Mauricio prides himself on playing real instruments and hardware when he samples, which can be heard in his latest project, Teosinte. As a traveler, experiencing various cultures, music is not an art form for him, but a way of life. It’s a necessity that goes beyond body sensations and mindfulness, and puts him in a supernatural state that connects him will all living and organic beings. The sounds of Bellerophon takes you on a journey that cannot be sung, but shown.


July 20, 2017
Burnside Park
August 12, 2017
AS 220
Coming Soon


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